Empty Nest Moms Stories

You will find ‘real’ stories written by Moms like you that have gone or are still going through this Empty Nest phase. Please feel free to submit one of your own for others to read. It’s always very helpful for those that are struggling to get through these Empty Nest Years to read. You can email them to me <mailto:emptynestmomsite@bellsouth.net>HERE.


My not so ‘normal’ Empty Nest…..by Very Sad Mom

We have a son that left home several months ago and we haven’t heard from him since! I thought he left on somewhat good terms but I guess not.

Not sure what went wrong but I do believe the girl he left with might have something to do with it. We got to meet her a couple of times before he moved out and can’t say that we were to crazy about her although we were very polite to her!

We’re thinking she wasn’t to crazy about how close we were to our son (only child btw) and maybe was/is a bit jealous?

Yes, we have tried to be in contact with him and have texted and called several times to see how things are going with him. We got either a quick, “I’m ok” or no answer at all. Not trying to be pushy or anything, just have some contact with him! She has answered his phone at times and I’m not so sure that she told him that we called.

We are having a hard time trying to figure out why he won’t engage in a little more conversation or at least come and visit just once in a while.

We will continue to be patient and see if he comes to his senses and gets in contact with us (or hopefully breaks up with her?) We do/have heard through the grapevine that he is still going to school so that is a good thing I guess. We have given thought about going to where he is living, which is 5 hours away but are undecided if we would be intruding and don’t want to seem pushy (which I think might be what his girlfriend thinks).

As long as we can hear from time to time from others that he is ok we will hold off (as long as we can that is!)

Not really sure why I am writing this more then likely to see if it helps to get it off my chest. We are probably not the only parents that have gone through this but it still hurts!

Thanks for listening and hope I will have an “Update” to add here soon! (fingers crossed)

My Empty Nest is Awful!…..by JustNotReadyForIt

I wish I could say that I am enjoying my empty nest but it just isn’t so! Our last child of three just moved out to go to work and school part time about 12 hours away. We probably won’t see him all that often because of both working and school, it’s going to be hard on him but seems to be what he wants to do. He will be living with a friend he’s know for sometime now so that is a help knowing that he will know others around him.

Our oldest two were twins, boy/girl and only about 18 months older then our son. They have been out of the house for two years now. One 6 hours and the other 8 hours away. You would think out of three we’d of had at least one stay close to home, but guess not. We do communicate by phone and text so will have to settle for that for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, we are very happy and proud of them, they’re handling things very well. It’s just seems so quiet around here now and not seeing them that often really stinks.

I guess I just have to get myself busy doing things to keep my mind occupied so it doesn’t hit me so hard at times. And truth be told, after talking with a lot of our other friends who have ’empty nest’, it will eventually get better……right?

It’s Hard Going Through this “Empty Nest” time!…..by Abbie

I can remember when the kids were young and thinking about not having time to do things just for ‘me’. And how nice it would be when they grew up and were on their own. Boy am I eating those words! You just don’t realize how time flies by when they are growing up and you are so busy most of the time just going and doing for them.

They are all three out on their own now with the youngest just finishing college. I am starting to adjust somewhat although it has taken awhile. Hubby and I have started to ‘socialize’ a bit more now and try going out at least a couple times a month to maybe a movie or out to eat. Speaking of eating, have any of you noticed how hard is to adjust to feeding just the two of you? I can’t tell you how much leftovers we have eaten. Shouldn’t complain though it just meant less cooking time for the week.

Well guess I will just keep moving along and maybe one day I will look back on this time and think how silly I was (probably not). I’ll just try to look forward to having grandchildren one day that I can spoil!

My Empty Nest Story…..by Carlotta (not my username)

Goodness where do I start!? First off I haven’t really posted on the site for a very long time but I do still read a lot of the post. At times they are very helpful and they always make a lot of sense. It just seems that there are still times when I just can’t seem to get past my nest being empty. I have improved some over the past few years so I guess that is something in itself.

We have two kids both in their middle to late twenties and out on their own. Doing great for themselves and seem to be enjoying life. We do get phone calls and visits once in a while so that is nice of them (although I wish it were more often!)

I guess I just need to stop feeling sorry for myself and wanting things to be like they were years ago, I just envisioned all of us still being close knit and still seeing each other a lot. That didn’t turn out like I expected!

It is nice to read some of the other stories on how some of you are now doing great and enjoying your nest being empty. I will strive to keep doing better and think positive! Oh and to make a new life for myself. By the way, hubby seems to be doing ok now and is trying his best to get me to that point too. So, I will get there!!

Thanks for letting me sound off, I think I just need to see this in writing to know that I have to move on with life and let the kids live theirs.

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