Empty Nest Moms Testimonials

Just wanted to add a few of the testimonials from past members who were on the old message forum. Some have been around for many years and still pop in from time to time. There are also more from the newer board and more recent members.

If you have one you would like to add, I would be glad to put it here! Just email them to me by CLICKING HERE OR you can go to the ENM Forum and leave one HERE

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Great Place….thanks Jeanine! (NEW)

I love popping in here from time to time to catch up on how everyone is doing. I can see how this forum can be a big help to those having a hard time getting through this empty nest. There are so many subjects covered here. Thanks again for having a place to come to.


Just saying Thanks…….(NEW)

I had to take out a few moments to thank the admins for making this forum available. I’ve learned so much from reading the experiences of others, and I’ve had a good laugh at some of them as well.

So it looks like I’ve found some friends along the way.

Thanks so much, emptynestmomsforum!

Frozen Toes

Love Coming Here! (NEW)

I found this website/forum several months ago when I was doing a search for Empty Nest. So glad this one popped up! Even though I haven’t actually posted yet I love reading what all the members have to say. They have such good advice and suggestions and no one makes you feel ‘silly’ for missing your kids and thinking you have no purpose now. Thank you and very grateful for this website and forum.


Love This Place! (NEW)

I’m kind of new here and don’t post a whole lot but do come often to read all the very interesting post here. Sometimes that is enough just seeing how others are dealing with their empty nest and all other things going on in their lives. Thank you Jeanine for having a great place to come to for support and ‘healing’.


So glad I found this place!

Just wanted to add a quick testimonial here. Hubby and I seemed to be drifting apart when I ran across this site (or I thought so, he didn’t) and others encouraged me to have a good ‘talk’ with him on how I felt, so I did. Things don’t always end up the way you want them and no guarantee the talk will help, but this time it seemed to work. We are spending more time together now and enjoying each other’s company again….thank you empty nest moms!


Thankful for Empty Nest Forum and Jeanine

Many, and I mean many years ago I went thru estrangement with my son, but did not know where to go for help and understanding, so I looked up empty nest and found Empty Nest and Jeanine.

Although my situation was different than the others here, I was treated with love and acceptance, and over the years, friendship. I do not know how Jeanine has did all of this work, and it is a lot for a one woman band, but I am so thankful to her for keeping this forum going and a safe place to come and get strong over and over again..

Much love and thanks always…



I’m thankful for this place too!❤ Makes me not feel so lonely. And makes me feel “normal” ?



Didn’t realize you had a Testimonial section until I read it in the Newsletter! Just want to let you know that I really love this site and the forum has so many wonderful members. I know I don’t post a whole lot but do come and read often. I can see how it is so helpful for so many. Thank you for creating a place for so many to go!


Hi Jeanine,

I’d like to say that Empty Nest Moms website has changed me from a scared, lost, bored, and lonely, empty nester… into a happier, more secure, and connected empty nester.
I love hearing from moms (empty nest or full nest) all over the world.
I feel I’ve learned how to make friends again, online, and in my personal life.
Thanks again for starting this website, Jeanine!

Love, Mae

There were times when I didn’t have the strength to post that I came here just to read. There were other times that I posted and just knowing that I could write from my heart was enough. The responses were wonderful, but more importantly I had somewhere to go when no one else understood, somewhere to express my feelings without fear of judgment. I knew there were others out there who might not be posting but who were reading and understanding and maybe even praying for me.

Family members who have not yet gone through this would say things like “it could be worse.” That is not the response you want when you pour your heart out. I lost two children to miscarriage. I lost my father when I was 20. I know it could be worse. I know that parents face the unfathomable loss of a child through death. But my feelings were real and the loss I felt was real.

Here, I know that I won’t be ridiculed or chastised for having those feelings. We don’t suffer from empty nest syndrome because we have no life, but rather because our children are our life. Here, I know that others understand. Here, I feel the heart of generations of women who raised their children in every conceivable circumstance and the common bond of the deepest love imaginable – the love for your child.

I also gained hope from those who have worked through this to the best of the ability, developing new relationships and hobbies, and from those who can’t quite work through it but who persevere anyway.


I am a fairly new member to this site but have found such a positiveness from Mums in my position or some a lot worse off
As I’m from New Zealand the most amazing thing I have discovered is all my sisters all over the world
This is truly world wide fellowship
I am many thousand miles away but feel so close to you all
I think one of the most important things about this site is that in comforting and encouraging others it takes our minds off ourselves.

Ty Jeanine and keep up the good work
Love from New Zealand
Kiwi Mum Claire (Bearnz)

I have thoroughly enjoyed ENM and come here often to read posts from women all over the world all in the same dilemma…….missing our kids and the way life used to be! Even though I don’t post often I still read and grieve with everyone here. ENM is one of the best websites on the net and it definitely serves a purpose. Thanks Jeanine for starting this site and giving us a place to come for friendship and hope. Love you all!


The best part about this site is knowing you are so completely normal for missing your kids the way that you do. When we are having a bad day we can come here for support. When we are having a good day we can come here to support others. This is a fine group of gals to hang out with. You rock sisters!!


Hi Jeanine,

I completely agree with the other ladies; it has been a pleasure for me to become a member at this website. The forum of topics has given me opportunity to grow stronger mentally and emotionally and I have been frequently blessed by the personal sharing and encouragement offered by yourself and these other ladies.
The website itself is very well put together, the forum is easily accessible and provides a diversified range of topics. The email notification is the first place I head each morning and often the last place I check before retiring in the evening.
I have often and will continue to recommend this site to others, for the knowledge, acceptance and peace of mind they might find here.
My many thanks, to Jeanine and each of the emptynesters who have willingly shared those parts of their lives which clearly edifies the importance of the role we play as women whether it be as mothers, sisters or daughters.

God Bless you All!
Jo Marie Kaeten-Schuh

Jeanine, This website is a life line to me! I have made true friendships with people I have never seen or met except through this website, but have been able to share deeply, and candidly, and have received such support and encouragement! There have been times in the middle of the night that I have posted through tears, knowing that in the morning, someone would be there, and write me back. I am not an empty nester yet – but that is the beauty of this website. We are at many different stages of this empty nest. Some of us are totally empty nesters, some of us have kids still in college, some of us have teenagers still at home, but still dealing with the process of emptying the nest. I love the fact that we touch upon so many other important aspects of this stage of life – launching our kids off to college, rekindling the spark of midlife marriages, teenagers, menopause, taking care of our elderly parents, mid life career changes, rediscovering our spirituality, our kids getting engaged and married, parents breaking a hip or alas, dying, finding new creative outlets for our time. Most important, love and understanding, and often times, a heap of good advice. I feel “hugged” every time I come to this website –


Jeanine, This website has made my life better. When our one and only son left home to go to college I felt as if my purpose of life was done. My friends and family tried as they might just couldn’t understand what I was feeling, even some of my dear friends who were going through the same stage in their life with their children leaving the nest were not having the feelings of despair and depression like I was. For a while I really thought There was something wrong with the way I was handling this stage of my life. It was on one of those very dark and lonely night that I was on the computer and put empty nest in the search engine and was directed to this site. What a God send, it was such a relief to know that other moms were out their struggling with this just like me. I have gained so much insight and knowledge from all of you. Even though we have never met in person I think of all of you as my girl friends I even refer to you in my conversations with friends and family as my empty nest group. I thank God for each and every one of you. This website has made my life a better one. Thanks to all.

Sophomores Mom

My daughter was grown, I had just completed being a foster-home and I had not worked outside the home in more than fifteen years. I asked myself, “What next?” It was about that time I found the Empty Nest Mom’s web site. I signed on with the nickname, WhatNext.
The love, help and support was indeed a treasure of what I needed during my time of transition. My first story was published. My art work sold. An attorney friend asked if would go to work for her part-time. Part turned into most of the time three months later.
I am thankful for this web site and the fine people who offered me so much. I do not know how I would have made it though the empty nest transition without this web site.


Thank you for having this site. Two of my children and my grandchild moved out this past Sat., I realize way to many at one time for me to cope and it was a planned move with much anticipation by all parties, and BOOM, the grief that has enveloped me is amazing. I’m sitting here now with tears streaming down my cheeks. I just wanted to find someone somewhere that could tell me this is normal and there is hope it will get better. Your site is a blessing.


I think we all feel closely tied to this site. I myself (like many others) first logged on through tears in the wee hours of the morning when sleep could not be had. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts and feelings but they had been written by someone I did not know, but felt a strong bond with.
We find ourselves caring about one another and wondering how everyone’s doing, sight unseen. That is what we come here for.

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Hi Jeanine!….I found this board a few years ago and have found it to be both comforting and fun. There are so many wonderful ladies here and no one makes you feel ‘silly’ for really missing your kids and having those empty nest blues. I like that there are a lot of different topics from the more serious to the fun ones. :13: Keep up the good work!


I was a member on the old board also and have found that everyone here is just as helpful and friendly. It’s so nice knowing that you can come here and talk about anything that might be bothering you or to just join in on other conversations. I don’t come as often as I use to but still like to check in now and then.


I was on the old board, also. I received so much good advice. when the kids left I was SO
lonely, husband and I separated, but got back together. I was really trying to hold the marriage
together. We had grown so far apart. But we decided to stay together and make the best of
what we have. There were things he didn’t want me to do,like take on an extra job. I took it on,
and just didn’t tell him. Best thing I ever did. I work with adults and get to have adult conversations.
I started running around with my girlfriends, going shopping, to movies. This board made me strong.
And I will always be grateful for that. Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart. :tinypinkflowers:


I am sorry not to have checked back in here sooner. A little more than a year ago I found this board when I was in a dark place anticipating my youngest going off to college. I had never felt quite so depressed. After going to see a physician and a counselor for a few sessions I found out that my vitamin D was extremely low and the counselor diagnosed me with grief rather depression. I did not take antidepressants but would have had I have stayed in the same state of mind. It was sad sending him off for his first year away from us but here we are and we’ve made it through the first year. I am grateful that this board gave me a place to see how others handled having an empty nest. You find a new normal and life goes on. I sometimes miss the day to day mothering but you know what sometimes I don’t. My son comes home for the summer in two days so we will have that adjustment to make for the time he is home.

My advice to others is to go ahead and grieve and then get over it and move on with life. Also make sure you are taking care of yourself.


I love this board too for all the advice and ideas that are offered up on the NOW WHAT part of learning to live without your kids in the house. I also love that we share other great topics like Hobbies, cooking, trips, great finds, books,movies…..and all that , I check this board every day more than once a day usually. It has also helped me to not feel so alone in my life these days. :13:


Hi Jeanine….I love this board. I haven’t been a member for all that long but I try to come and read a lot and do post some here and there. It is so interesting to see how everyone is doing. I’m kind of past the EN Blues now but do enjoy all the other topics, there’s such a variety. A little something for everyone. Thank you for having it.


Hi Jeannie–

I appreciate this board so much, also—-
A great group of supportive women who understand these feelings that just seem to continually pop up in us empty nesters—

So nice to have this community to visit whenever the need hits……. 🙂