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From “Willa” past member for many years!

Hi Jeanine,

I don’t really miss having our sons at home any longer. Its been almost 9 years now. I do miss that time of my life, though.

Right now I am so active with my 7 grandchildren. We have Miriam who is almost 7, Brily who is almost 6, Bryce, 4, Abigail 4, Genevieve 3, Caedmon 2 and Jonah 8 months old. When they are here, I run around like a chicken with my head cut off. lol. But I am having so much fun.

Then my almost 80 year old Mom needs me more and more. We spend a few days a week with her. My husband and I are her total support system – so we are needed a lot.

I don’t have much free time.

There is hope for life after empty nest. I was very distraught when it happened. I totally understand those who are in the midst of it.

Life is full of seasons – the Lord can help people get through it all. He has been faithful during it all.

Have a great day, Jeanine


Update from an Old Time Empty Nester!…….Ell

I separate my life into 3 phases in my mind now,

BC=Before Children! DC=During Children! AC=After Children!

Each has its good and bad, that is for sure!

My eldest son graduated from college in 2004 in Utah and I live in Phoenix- he is now in Dallas married and in his first home with my only grandson Kellen, name sake, age 3. I am Ellen! He is doing well in his career as his my DIL. Thank God for Skype! We see each other 4- 5 times a yr and 2 x a week on Skype! I mail boxes of goodies all the time:).

My twins graduated in 2009 from college – the boy is in LA lives in Hollywood and dating a first generation Chinese America who works in fashion for Guess! and works for E! network ie The Kardashian’s etc. See him every 3-4 months.

My daughter lives 30 miles away, getting married in Nov , she is an RN like me and is working on a DNP in neonatology and building her new home- see her every 2 wks. I am very proud of who they are and what they have become!

As for me I became a clinical nursing supervisor 5 yrs ago for a neurological rehabilitation unit at world renown Barrows Institute, That has kept me busy but I have 3 day weekends!I joined a women international friendship sorority, Beta Sigma Phi that is great and then a couple of over 50 Meet up groups here in Phoenix. More active in my church and my hubby and I take mini trips. I have tried some different hobbies and created what I call a craft scrap room! I scrap booked pictures of the kids and loved reliving those memories. There is a good book called 10 Great Dates for Empty Nesters which helped us rekindle after children!

We did remodels of our kitchen and backyard and got new furniture and hardwood floors. My mom passed away 1.5 yrs ago and then my 80 yr old father remarried! and sold our family home in Ohio..that was a difficult time.

It took time but think I am ok! Developing myself was important=I had focused on others so long.. Need to work on the exercise and dieting a bit more though!Enjoy life even though it will be different now! And hug yourself!


An Empty Nest—Twelve Years Later by Dianne Sundby

The years have gone by much more quickly than I ever imagined. Back when I was in the throes of empty nesting, the future seemed nebulous at best. But life started to play itself out in some good and then some not so good ways.

First, the good. Vacations and summers meant my daughter, my youngest child, was home from college—Life became more predictable. There were times to count on when the nest would be brimming with life again.

Then the not so good occurred. My husband died. It went quickly—a fast summer of treatment for malignant melanoma which, unfortunately, was diagnosed too late to do anything helpful. My daughter then decided to defer grad school on the east coast and work in L.A. for a year. That meant company—my nest would now have another person in it besides me.

We grieved and did our best to go on with life. Her going on with life meant packing up for grad school and moving to Philadelphia a year later. My going on meant shepherding my Empty Nest book through publication. And then came the book signings and talks. I now had activities to fill some of the lonely evenings and weekends.

Next came my older daughter’s wedding—a fun and joyous event—but bittersweet too. Her dad, my husband, was there in spirit only. But, he was there.

For the next few years, holidays meant the nest was full again. How happy those celebrations were. I trudged on, handling the matters that needed to be handled for my husband’s estate, which due to legal complications, seemed to have no foreseeable concluding date. I also continued with my psychotherapy practice, a very fulfilling part of my day.

Then, fast forward to 2009. Chloe, my first grandchild is born and a few months later, my husband’s estate, after five years, is finally settled. Life feels good. Follow this up with my son’s engagement and wedding a year later. Then, my younger daughter’s engagement and wedding ten months later. Life is indeed bustling and full.

Add in a couple of trips for me (Russia and China) and I’m feeling like a page has been turned and life is beginning anew. Holiday visits, as well as summer and now and then visits, continue to keep my nest singing.

Two of my three children now live in other states, and one, my youngest, will be in Los Angeles for another year. Then, she will be flying off to build a new nest when her husband takes a professorial position at an out-of-state university.

But the nest is now calm. It no longer aches to be filled, but confidently knows that there will be visits from the children it once nurtured to be the independent and loving adults that they now are. The nest is content.

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