Senior Information

Seniors Wellness Guide, Healthy Aging

Alzheimer’s Disease: Causes and stages, very useful information

A Retiree’s Guide to Airbnb – An article well worth reading.

Assisted Living – A free guide for assisted living options for those with disabilities.

Smart Home Technology for Seniors – And  optimized guide that lists all the latest and greatest technology for seniors who wish to age in place.

Mesothelioma – 

Top Ten Best Medical Alert Systems – A Consumers Affair Guide to help choose the right Medical Alert System for  you.

Medicare State Eligibility –  Medicare open enrollment is coming up. This guide can help ease some of the confusion- includes state resources.

Aging with Dignity – Offers emotional, material and spiritual support to the elderly and disabled to restore dignity and self-worth.

Seniors Staying Safe at Home – This article explains dangerous areas and items in a home and gives helpful tips for keeping seniors safe while aging at home.

Calculators for Seniors –  These calculators can help seniors assess health concerns before consulting with their doctor.

Senior Homes Loads of valuable (free) information for those looking for Senior Homes or Senior Care.

Boom This! Your link to All Things Baby Boomer

Grand Loving Filled with Tips & Activities, great for all Grandparents.

AGA Another great place for you grandparents out there! They have all kinds of information to check out.

Great Places Inc. A good reliable source for Baby Boomers with aging parents looking for housing and care options.

Mr. Modem……Need some computer help or other technical issues? This is a good place to check out.

AARP If you are 50 or over (or getting close) then check out all of the information that they have available.

CMS.GOV……Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service. You can find tons of info here.

CMS.GOV……Prescription Drug Coverage-General Information

Medicare Basics……This is a good read for those of you who are on medications or know someone close to you who is.

Health Screenings and Immunizations……Just what are Health Screenings? Check out this page.

Housing Help…..Find housing resources targeted to certain audience groups.

Aging and Your Eyes…..Diseases and Conditions that can affect your vision.

Hearing Loss…..Having trouble with your hearing?

Below you will find some useful links that are travel related for Seniors.

Senior Road Safety Guide  – Basically covers every concern related to senior driving that I can think of. Gives tips on how to be an independent driver as long as possible, how to approach someone you think should stop driving, how to get around without a car, and general driver safety.

 Transportation and the ADA  – Offers info under the Americans with Disabilities Act on things like requirements for accessibility, paratransit, and other forms of public transportation. Definitely helps with senior self-confidence in using public transportation, especially stubborn seniors.

Accessible Travel Tips – Helpful tips for people who require a scooter/wheelchair. It has sections for different types of travel and equipment with really helpful info to help make someone’s flight, cruise, or other type of travel easier.

Senior Health and Safety Travel Guide – This comprehensive checklist includes health and safety items that will help give you peace of mind so you can spend more time enjoying your trip.

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